Revelations of a Real Man (or Woman)


“Revelations is an eye opening expression that is both relative and encouraging. Marq Redmond also leaves a myriad of breadcrumbs that will aid men and women to victoriously navigate through obstacles of life without succumbing to the stereotypes that are culturally relevant.”

Rev. Dr. Derrick P. Garth, Pastor. Greater Mount Pleasant Baptist Church. Chicago, IL.


“Marq Redmond gives readers an honest and open reflection on his life, using his experiences and life lessons as a way to demonstrate how God is always there for us. This book will serve as an inspirational guide for both men and women.”

Joe and Christy Ziskey, Newlyweds. Omaha, Nebraska.

“Revelations of a Real Man (Or Woman) is a guideline to getting back on track and discovering who we were meant to be in spite of life's disappointments. I am so inspired to take a look into my own journey to find the life-long lessons for my purpose! Your life will never be the same after reading, it is beyond inspiring!”

Marcella Jones, Gospel radio personality. Chicago, IL.

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