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Beverly Redmond is currently the Assistant Superintendent of Public Affairs for one

of the largest school districts in the Pacific Northwest. Prior to this endeavor,

Beverly was a public relations professional, award-winning journalist

and consultant. Beverly Redmond joined Elmhurst District 205 in Chicago’s

west suburbs in July 2018 as the Executive Director of Communications and

Public Relations. That fall, she led the communications strategy for successful

passage of a $168.5M referendum that will build new schools and upgrade

safety and security in all district schools.  Prior to District 205, she served the

Hamilton Southeastern Schools leadership team as the Director of School &

Community Relations from October 2014-2017. Beverly also served eleven

plus years as the Director of Diversity, School & Community Services for

Monroe County Community School Corporation in Bloomington, IN.  Beverly

has traveled extensively as an emcee with the HOPE Foundation, speaking

to audiences of 500-1000 people.  Beverly is most fulfilled when working to

inspire and empower others to achieve victory.  Among her favorite quotes

are the words of late NBA superstar Kobe Bryant:


   "I was blessed with talent but I worked (hard) as if I have none.”

Whether interviewing, standing on a stage or sitting behind a microphone,

Beverly Redmond is passionate about communication and the life stories she

represents. She is pleased to bring her experiences to new challenges as an award winning author of the book, Finally, I Do Again.  Beverly continues her zeal of championing the successes of her two adult stepchildren, Kelsey and Noelle. 

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